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Axsion is Software development brand of ITService company, company with 12 years of experience in providing transparent and high quality Outsourcing, Software development, process implementation and integration services.

Our Story?

We are group of software developers and friends, which for many years had worked over various of sectors and Tech companies. In that time our main goal was to gather knowledge not only over the technical perspective but also over the business side of it. From this experience we have learned many lesions, one of which is that, we shouldn't always go for the latest technologies, but for the the right ones!

Other thing that we understood while we were drifting from company to company was that, outsourcing is notoriously fames. It was like that for many reasons main ones of which are: the bad quality, poor social skilled specialists, zero honesty and no transparency at all. Which not only leaded to the bad fame of the outsourcing but also to naming whole countries as bad in it.

The Change

After many years (12 actually), we decided that it is time for us to make a change! Because we all know outsourcing and we all believe that it could be a very good thing for a company to use! We believe that each company should be focused over the thing that she is passionate about and leave the rest, as focusing over anything else will draining not only the energy but the resources as well.


Now we are happy that our brand is going across borders providing high quality services to our clients. No after so many years in Axsion we have a lot of success stories, many sleepless nights in order to help our clients to achieve their dreams. However, the best part is that we are not stopping to learn, not only technologies but also business cases, scenarios and flows in order to drive innovation and help our clients. So why don't you join our ecosystem? Drop fiew lines over our email and we will be in touch with you soon!'

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