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Tech Stack


As our initial framework, .net is tone of our core skills in which we have one of the best expertise that are out there!

The reason is, because this actually was the framework with which we started coding!


As the micro soft Stack have evolved and we alongside him, we started to explore and learn new skills and frameworks, one of which is Angular we have top experts on it!


Another skill that our team cultivated is React as one of the leading front end frameworks we were excited to grow experts on that, in order to built much more hybrid solutions.


of course as part of the .net  stack we have mastered the two main language over which Microsoft have built their frameworks i.e. C# and VB, our experts are having  more then 10 years of exp. with them!


Other core component to modern app is using ML/AI  as part of it's feature it is no longer something as an extra, it is more like mandatory  feature. That`s why we have built expertise around python!


As all of the classics, they should be known and used when they are needed! We believe that we have a strong php teams waiting to help when it is  needed.


As an key component, our team is heavily relying and have a strong experience over SQL and NoSQL  DB such  as:

MS SQL Server, Postgres,mysql, ElasticSearch and more. 


one of the main ML frameworks over which we are working is TensorFlow which is one of the most flexible and agile frameworks for Artificial Intelligence.

Azure and DevOps

One of the non Dev skills that we have is around azure cloud and dev ops, as all of our products are using it we believe that we have built strong experience on it, with which we can help our clients to achieve better results.

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