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New AI Game Changer is Coming!

AI have changed the way not only how we preserve the world around us but also how we operate in it. We are now seeing it not only in every application operation but also in the Design optimizations as well.

It is not far the time where an application which is not integrated with AI models is going to be preserved as legacy and not very applicable.

But There is still one milestone to Get There...

and this milestone is bugging the heads of the biggest AI providers and the issue is how to make the integration of AI Models easy enough so it could become an mainstream tool that every developer could use with ease.

However this is going soon to change...

Not so far ago Google introduced to the world their new project MediaPipe which is a cross-platform customizable ML solution for live and streaming media.

This solution although it is still on alpha version is already providing out of the box quite good number of per-trained models.

Those models could be integrated in your application with pretty minimal lines of code.

But what this means exactly for the Developers and for the business

For you Developers....

This means that such operations as object detection, object tracking, face recognition and body following models are going to be even easier to integrate and use in our day to day work without additional need for complex ML knowledge.

and for the Business

This means much cheaper and fast integration with new and trendy features which are becoming a must for every product and could be game changer for your own business niche.

and this is not all!

Google is providing also Support table which shows which model where is supported in order for you to be able properly to manage your user expectations!

I know is still a long way to go before getting stable, but i think this is going to be one of the biggest game changer for making it mainstream.

In following articles will try to follow few of the model integrations in order to provide you with more context stay tuned!

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